PenguinCLubJeremy Ansley is not a penguin.
However, as a Kiwi, (New Zealand being the country with the most variety of penguin species in its waters), he does have a natural soft spot for these unique and inquisitive birds.

At the age of 9 years old, a chance encounter with a penguin in the Marlborough Sounds began an awareness and love of these wonderful little creatures.
Who would know that years later this would influence his very work!


Jeremy has recently adopted a Little Blue Penguin, who is currently residing in and around the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony.



Penguin Band Number – 47009 ..I’ll call her Josie :-)
Sex – Female
Age – Two Years
Partner – 26601 ..I’ll call him Charlie :-)
Other Info –
– Josie & Charlie raised two chicks this year
– She is now moulting and will be at home for two-three weeks until she has her new feathers..