A truly world-class entertainer!

Jeremy Ansley is a superbly versatile performer with a fantastic range of entertainment options available.

Whether it be a strong, stylish & sharp cabaret style juggling act for a variety show to a full length headline show on a cruise ship, a quirky numbers juggling routine for circus, a fully themed festival show, an ice skating juggling act or something specific for a corporate client..


Jeremy can provide all this and more at the drop of a hat.!!.


Manipulating objects on and around his body with what appears to be relative ease Jeremy Ansley demonstrates his unique take on the ancient art of juggling.

A consummate professional, Jeremy Ansley can and will win the hearts of the audience by connecting and working with them to create a magical vibe which will leave them wanting more.

All of the acts and shows are fully designed and choreographed by Jeremy himself. Thus maintaining his unique and quirky style as a world-class circus artist! Ridiculous!

To find out more specifically about an act or show that you may require please click on one of the corresponding pages.. or if you have a special request please contact me directly !






  • Shows
    Stage Show


    worldclass juggling acts to full length headline shows.

    Festival Show


    Quirky and Unique, the penguin let loose on the street!

    Circus Show


    Bringing a touch of class to the traditional..

    Ice Performance

    Ice Performance

    Comedy juggling on ice :-)

    Corporate Show


    High level corporate entertainer.

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