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Jeremy Ansley is not a penguin, he can however ice skate and juggle!!

This is a super routine, which includes stylish hat manipulation, superbly technical club juggling & comical and impressive ring juggling! Jeremy will do all this whilst skating on sharp and strong edges.
Combining his vast stage experience into a cheeky and energetic character, Jeremy presents an absolutely fantastic juggling act on ice.!.

As an added bonus Jeremy can also do a full fire show on the ice. This is a combination of fire juggling and single and duo fire staff manipulation.

The ice skating juggling act was first debuted at the Christchurch Arts Festival ’09.
At this festival Jeremy met Michael Lalic, from Wintermagic Ice Skating, who builds ice rinks in Australia. During 2010 Jeremy helped build four ice rinks within country Australia. Where he worked as Ice patrol, skate hire/maintenance tech, MC and of course, performed his juggling acts up to 5 times a day.



Jeremy is available for Ice Shows worldwide..

  • Shows
    Stage Show


    worldclass juggling acts to full length headline shows.

    Festival Show


    Quirky and Unique, the penguin let loose on the street!

    Circus Show


    Bringing a touch of class to the traditional..

    Ice Performance

    Ice Performance

    Comedy juggling on ice :-)

    Corporate Show


    High level corporate entertainer.

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