Jeremy Ansley has a wealth of experience both as an artist and a creative director.  He has performed and created his own works in every facet of the entertainment industry, from headline act on major cruise lines, to individually created shows for small private parties, and everything in between for the past 20 years.

As an artist and solo entertainer, Jeremy Ansley has performed in 10 countries and on 16 different cruise ships.  He can perform anything from short world class juggling routines up to full interactive headline comedy juggling shows.  These shows can be presented in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

As a creative director, Jeremy Ansley has consistently created routines with which to use for his own shows.  Including with this over the years numerous opportunities for him to create large shows with bigger casts have continuously presented themselves.  These have consistently been within the circus arena where Jeremy has his background.

More recently Jeremy Ansley has held the post of creative director for the NZ Circus Quirkus Tour.  This is a yearly tour presented in New Zealand for under-privileged families and families with kids with debilitating illnesses.

Jeremy Ansley has a wealth of connections through out the globe, which through his company JKA Creative he can call upon to provide high level world class entertainment solutions for any event, large or small.

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