Circus Quirkus

This is an ongoing project.

Jeremy Ansley is the creative director for the NZ Circus Quirkus tour.  This is a post he has held for the past five years.

Circus Quirkus is essentially a charity event which provides fantastic Circus style shows for under privileged families in New Zealand.  Included in this are not just families with low incomes, but also families with children who often have life threatening illnesses, or other such complications.  Often resulting in a massive drain on the families energy and finances.

Circus Quirkus provides an incredible opportunity for these families to forget their cares for a couple of hours as they are whisked away into the magic and wonder of the Circus. Over the years, this show has been seen by hundreds of thousands of New Zealand kids and their families.

Circus Quirkus and it’s parent company International Entertainment has a long relationship with several notable international charity groups within New Zealand.  Including the Rotary Club of New Zealand, the Lions Club of New Zealand and also the Immune Deficiencies Foundation of New Zealand/Kids Foundation.  This relationship has allowed the creation and evolution of what has become not just an incredible show, but also a well loved and yearly event which is looked forward to by tens of thousands of New Zealand families each year.

This current year the tour starts on Monday 7 May, in Queenstown, NZ and after a three week tour of both the north and south island of New Zealand, will finish on Monday 28 May, in Hamilton, NZ.

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